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About Us

Planning made personal.

What would it feel like if your family had a personal CFO? At Sides Wealth Advisory Group, that’s the role we hope to play in your life. No matter where your finances currently stand, we want to walk beside you—to help you build a plan that fits your circumstances today and gives you the life you dream of tomorrow.

We understand that your family’s needs are always evolving, and so are our services. We can help you with investing, insurance, estate planning, college savings, retirement planning, charitable giving, small business support and more. Our goal is to make complex topics easier to understand, so you can make financial decisions with confidence. Along the way, we build and maintain a strategy that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

As your financial services partner, the conversations we have will often focus on money. And while smart money management is the end game, it isn’t really at the heart of what we do. Instead, we see finances and financial planning as a tool to help you live a happier, healthier, more secure life. That’s why working with The Sides Group feels less like a simple consultation and more like a relationship. From building a nest egg and raising a family, to leaving a legacy and retiring comfortably—we’re here to help you live life on the bright side, no matter what tomorrow brings.

Our Vision

The Sides Group exists to make a positive difference every day in the lives of our clients by working with them to create greater security, increased confidence, reduced stress and the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Our Values

  • Our most important investment is in relationships.
  • Our clients’ goals are our top priority.
  • We know that no two clients are alike, and we treat them that way.
  • We continually educate our clients, advocates and ourselves.
  • We call it as we see it—with compassion.
  • Our focus is on long-term success, measured through shorter-term checkpoints.
  • We are committed stewards who make a practice of service.
  • We are a multigenerational team that works with clients through all stages of life.

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